Introducing Brian Shadura:

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What school do you attend?
I am a Sophomore at Colony.
What activities are you involved in?
Symphonic Band and commercial fishing. Due to Covid, I couldn’t continue these but football baseball and volunteering at the Alaska State Fair as well.
What do you enjoy doing with your free time?
I enjoy playing video games like Hearthstone, osu!, and Call of Duty and having conversations with people. Learning about the world around me and hearing the experiences of others who have lived in it has always been a passion of mine.
Why is the work of Thrive important to you?
I want to help promote leading a productive and positive life and to get people active in the community. People, especially this year, haven’t been able to really get out and do many things due to the pandemic so hopefully, we can change that in a fun and safe way.
As you begin this internship, what do you look forward to about it?
I look forward to meeting new people, using my collaboration skills to help promote and work towards the Thrive mission statement.
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