All About Dance is an all-local, complete dance studio whose director, Chandra, wants nothing more than to spread the love of dance Valley-wide!

All About Dance strives to connect Valley youth with the arts, opportunities to travel to dance, and share their talents. This studio’s dynamic students and director run the Dance room at Play 60 every year, teaching new dance skills to youth of all ages during the event. Youth participating in Play 60 are always excited to put their personal spin on the moves being taught by Chandra and her accompanying students, especially if they can add some flossing or dabs to the routine…

All About Dance is also home to National Grand Champion Clogging Team the Rock On Cloggers, and now offers programs for preschoolers (ages 3-5). All ages are welcome, and all abilities.

Their mission is to Build Community Through Dance. We are so thankful for their enthusiastic support and participation over the years!