Susitna Sealing, LLC & 1023 Diesel & Fleet

When the McKinley Fire was raging in the Upper Susitna area, United Way of Mat-Su received many requests to run supplies, gas cards, and pet food as close to fire survivors as possible. Due to efforts that two brothers, Dusty and CameRon Hogate, had already undertaken, we knew just who to call.
Early in fire relief efforts, Dusty and CameRon fired up their business vehicles and were reaching out to provide assistance wherever they could, safely. UWMS contacted the brothers while seeking assistance in driving badly-needed gas cards and supplies to fire survivors. CameRon and Dusty immediately offered to help.
SUSITNA SEALING, LLC provides specialty asphalt sealing and repairs for residential driveways and business parking lots. This is an all-local business whose attention to detail extends to their love for our community and their commitment to helping those in need!
1023 DIESEL & FLEET is here to provide knowledge, service, and sales for all your needs. Also locally-owned and operated, 1023 Diesel has a reputation that speaks for itself, including in community service.