Data & Evaluation

Thrive Mat-Su takes a data-driven, public health approach to prevention.

Thrive Mat-Su uses the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to guide its works as it seeks to address youth substance misuse. T
The SPF is a five-step, data-driven process used to: assess needs; build capacity; engage in a strategic planning process; implement a comprehensive, evidence-based prevention approach; and, evaluate the implementation and related outcomes. The guiding principles of cultural competence and sustainability are included in each of the five steps.

The 2021 Thrive Mat-Su Evaluation Report is in service of the Evaluation phase of the SPF. This evaluation plan presents the coalition’s selected strategy areas, a written description of planned activities, a visual display of the logic model, and proposed methods for evaluating and reporting program efforts.

You can view a gallery of the full 2021 Evaluation Plan below: